About Us

About us


Vape Ninja was created by myself, Dave Holt, and borne out of a personal need from when I began vaping. At that time my need was to try to find a company that I could purchase all my equipment in one online store. I also needed this store to be easy to use and have great customer service, and be competitive on the product pricing also. At that time, I could not find this and it frustrated me. Our intention, right from the start, was to build an online store where even you could come and find all that you needed in one place. No need to shop around twenty stores to get the best price.

Vape Ninja started trading in April 2015 and is based in Swindon in the greenery of Wiltshire. The goal from the offset was to bring together a collection of devices that I personally used, and therefore knew were great products. This would cover a line of flavoursome juices that were also used by myself on a daily basis. As time wore on, this product list would grow to encompass requests from our customers. All the while the product costing was kept extremely competitive throughout and customer service remained as paramount. This was underpinned with our Facebook page, where we could be contacted most times of the day for response to immediate questions and feedback. We will always go the extra mile in order to firstly satisfy our customers, and secondly be there for ongoing support and future purchase if needed.

As the need for e-liquid increases we see a more growing need from some people to obtain e-liquid at cheapest cost possible. In these cases there is no understanding of the quality of juice, nor its constituent parts. We at Vape Ninja fully understand each ingredient in our e-liquid ranges, and never would opt for a cheaper option over quality. The liquid ranges we use have been picked through discussion with the individual manufacturers to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used and a consistent vape is achieved whether purchases are six months apart. We do not simply move from one manufacturer to another as the next ‘big juice’ comes out. We believe in longterm relationships and trust with our suppliers, which we can then pass on to you with confidence.

Vape Ninja, as a company, believe in basic values of customer satisfaction, honesty and value for money. We believe that we treat all our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves in the same situation. We actively encourage feedback from our customers, positive or negative, so that we can build our service to you and make it an even more rewarding one.

We are a firm believer in vaping and the benefits this can have. We believe very strongly in our customers right to use vaping equipment to achieve the end goals. We will never tire of pushing to achieve this on a daily basis and to challenge any legislation to impede the customers freedom of choice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and also for visiting our site. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have even the simplest of queries. We revel in any form of interaction, and believe that we as a company will only grow further from this approach.


Thank you once more

Dave Holt

Owner at Vape Ninja


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